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hristophe FOUCAUD discovers music with piano lessons at the Angoulême music school and very quickly becomes passionate about composing and improvising. His studies continue in the La Rochelle music school where he studies composing, musical writing and harmony, orchestration, and will train himself in conducting. He is graduated with a Master in musicology and film scoring.

His work is about original creations, music pieces, film scoring, from documentaries (for Tv channel’s ARTE in France or Alpha59 in Italy) to video games music, and collaborations with young professionals directors and famous animation schools, improvisations and collaborations with dancers, comedians, plastic artists, as well as orchestrations and arrangements for several musical ensembles.

His influences mainly come from the most famous composers from the movie industry (such as John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Joe Hisaishi etc.), the classical repertoire but also from video games or jazz.

His musical writing is about all different kinds of music to satisfy the most part of projects, whether they are a film, a live performance, or even sound editing and engineering.

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Music showcase

Soul Travel

Production : RS Productions

Director : Guia Zapponi

Broadcast : Cinemas (PFA Distribuzione – Unici)

Music from the extract : Christophe Foucaud (Krisalied Compositions)

Oman Expedition

Production : G Films

Directors : Matteo Calo and Guia Zapponi

Broadcast : Alpha Channel

Music from the extract : Christophe Foucaud (Krisalied Compositions)

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